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Altonomy isn't about endless pages of charts and an exhaustive dictionary of rules; it's about creating good characters and then letting the players handle the rest. Most role-players have more than enough intelligence and imagination to fill in the details on their own, so why should the rules get in the way?

In Altonomy you'll find hundreds of skills, spells and weapons that give players the freedom to create the characters they want without having to gain a doctorate in RPG...

Altonomy is available for $12 (plus shipping and handling)
as an 80-page, 5.5" x 8.5" softcover book

Simple rules for serious role-players
By Neil McGarry

For those of you who don't know, Altonomy is an open-ended game system that keeps the rules-talk to a minimum and puts the players and game master (GM) in charge. Forget about endless pages of rules and charts that try to encompass every possible circumstance; instead, think of a system that encourages and even forces players and GMs to work together to interpret the rules in a way that works best in their campaign.

I started designing Altonomy back in 2002 when I grew tired of the RPG I was playing at the time. (That RPG shall remain nameless, although I am sure you've heard of it.) For all its overwhelming complexity the system just wasn't very sophisticated, and one day I decided I could do better. I spent about four months knocking my game into a playable form, and then unleashed it on an unsuspecting group of gamers who'd agreed to be my guinea pigs -- I mean, play-testers. I'd only intended to run one session, but at the evening's end all five players looked at me and asked, "When's the next session?" That was one of the best compliments I've ever received, and it encouraged me to continue to streamline and refine the game. Three years and three campaigns later, I've finally taken Altonomy from the ring binder in my desk and put it in a printed format that you can enjoy. Take a moment to browse the sneak preview and see what you're missing, or order now.

For those of you who are Altonomy veterans, I've made available some ready-made monsters and frequently asked questions that will further illuminate the sourcebook and help you run your own campaigns. I'll post new rules supplements as I create them, so be sure to periodically check this page for updates. To ask questions that arenít answered here, or to check on an order, feel free to contact me.

Happy gaming!

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