Slouching Towards Bedlam — 4 of 76

Star C. Foster and Daniel Ravipinto

Release 2

Chapter 2 - Hints

Understand "hint" or "help" or "hints" as asking for a hint. Asking for a hint is an action out of world.

Carry out asking for a hint:

now the current menu is Table of Hints;

now the current menu title is "Hints";

now the introduction boolean is 1;

now the current menu introduction is "What section of the game do you need help with?";

carry out the displaying activity;

clear the screen;

now the introduction boolean is 0;

try looking.

Table of Hints

"General: What on earth is going on here?"Table of General Hints--hint toggle rule
"Bethlehem Hospital"Table of Bedlam Hints--
"Newgate"Table of Newgate Hints--
"Smithfield"Table of Smithfield Hints--
"**SPOILERS** The Logos **SPOILERS**"Table of Spoiler Hints--

Table of General Hints

"Slouching Towards Bedlam is at its heart a mystery, so answering that question is the entire point of the game."
"Look around. Explore. Experiment. Take things. Read things."
"The remaining hints are a list of items/locations that might help make things clearer. If you wish outright spoilers, check under the section called 'The Logos'."
"Have you found the sandalwood box in the office? Have you listened to all the cylinders within it?"
"Have you used the Panopticon? Figured out which was Cleve's cell?"
"Have you found and read Cleve's file?"
"Have you found Cleve's flat? Gotten inside it? Searched it?"
"Have you opened the puzzle-box and read what's inside?"
"Have you gotten into Du Monde's basement?"
"If you're done all of the above and you're still confused, read the section called 'The Logos'."

Table of Bedlam Hints

"Office"Table of Office Hints--
"Lobby"Table of Lobby Hints--
"Archives"Table of Archives Hints--
"Circular Chamber (Panopticon) and Walkway"Table of Panopticon Hints--
"Corridor 6"Table of Corridor 6 Hints--

Table of Office Hints

"What is the point of the phonograph?"Table of Phonograph Hints--hint toggle rule
"What can I do with the desk?"Table of Desk Hints--hint toggle rule
"What is the black cube? How does it work?"Table of Triage Hints--hint toggle rule
"Where can I find an optional data input system?"Table of Input Hints--hint toggle rule
"What about the papers and the files?"Table of Paper Hints--hint toggle rule

Table of Phonograph Hints

"Doesn't look like the kind that plays flat disk-shaped records, does it?"
"You can ask Triage to analyze it, if you like."
"It's a personal recording device that plays tin cylinders."
"You can TURN OFF the phonograph, TAKE the particular cylinder within it (or simply OPEN it to remove it), and PUT a new one in. Then TURN ON the phonograph again."
"The command 'play [bracket]date of cylinder[close bracket]' also works."
"When the game starts, it's playing the entry for March 16th."
"There are other cylinders to be found."
"Check the desk."
"Particularly the sandalwood box."
"There are four cylinders in all: January 8th, January 22nd, March 2nd, and March 16th."
"Listening to all of them can give you important background information."

Table of Desk Hints

"Look at it carefully."
"It contains a drawer (which in turn contains a manual and strange key)."
"It has a sandalwood box on top of it, as well as a blotter."
"Look closely at the blotter."
"Perhaps there's something beneath it?"
"Looking beneath or moving the blotter results in finding the key labeled [']2D[']."

Table of Triage Hints

"Examine it - it's fairly complex and has several parts."
"Specifically, a screen, a set of wheels, and a large emerald."
"Have you examined the desk thoroughly?"
"Have you read the manual?"
"'...the mechanical assistant left by my predecessor...'"
"The cube is a Triage series personal analytical engine."
"You can start it up by pushing the emerald."
"As the manual says, it will now follow you around of its own accord."
"If you wish to analyze anything or check the machine's database, simply POINT or GESTURE to the object of your query. Triage will take care of the rest."

Table of Input Hints

"They're nice, aren't they?"
"There doesn't seem to be one in the office, though."
"Or anywhere in the Hospital, actually."
"'Contact your local mechanists' to special-order yours today.'"
"Unfortunately, Madame Du Monde doesn't have any in stock and she doesn't seem keen on special-ordering one."
"Guess you'll have to go without."

Table of Paper Hints

"'They appear to be of little consequence.'"
"Sometimes appearances can be deceiving."
"Not this time, however. They're meaningless."
"At least *these* papers are. You might find files elsewhere which will be of more use to you."

Table of Lobby Hints

"Oh my. Something strange happened when I first entered the room."Table of Infection Hints--hint toggle rule
"James seems a nice fellow. Is he of any use?"Table of James Hints--hint toggle rule

Table of Infection Hints

"Yes. Yes indeed. Clearly unusual things are afoot."
"Figuring out precisely what is rather the point of the game."
"Read the descriptions carefully. Remember them."
"You may wish to check the 'General' subject in the main hint menu for further details."
"Or the section called 'The Logos' for spoilers."

Table of James Hints

"Indeed - though it all depends on what you're after."
"He[']s rather busy, you see, so he can[']t really do much at the moment."
"He will speak with you though, and try to answer any questions you have as best he can."
"Conversation in Slouching Towards Bedlam is handled by ASK <CHARACTER> ABOUT <SUBJECT> or TELL <CHARACTER> ABOUT <SUBJECT>."
"James can converse on a whole range of topics. Perhaps you can get some useful information out of him."

Table of Archives Hints

"How do I get at the files in the drawers? They're too far away."Table of Files Hints--hint toggle rule
"What is the pedestal for? The pyramid?"Table of Pedestal Hints--hint toggle rule
"Where can I get a list of specific file numbers from?"Table of File Number Hints--hint toggle rule

Table of Files Hints

"Indeed. Far too far. There doesn't seem to be any safe way of getting over there."
"Even then - there are thousands of drawers and who knows how many files. How on earth would you even know where to begin looking?"
"Perhaps someone can help you?"
"Perhaps someTHING can help you?"
"'...the thing seems filled with information regarding the hospital down the point of minutiae...'"
"Have Triage look around a bit. That might help."
"'...the massive Archives with their engine-run filing system...'"
"Perhaps the Archives are designed to run on their own."
"Take a good look at the pedestal and pyramid."
"If you're still confused, read the hints regarding the pedestal and pyramid."

Table of Pedestal Hints

"Most likely they wouldn't be here without reason."
"Ask Triage about them."
"The display initially reads '...RETRIEVAL COMPLETE...'"
"How can you get the pedestal to retrieve something for you?"
"The pedestal also contains a dial - which can be turned to any number between 1 and 9 and any letter between A and F."
"Try fiddling with the dial."
"Try turning the dial to various positions until 6 symbols are shown on the tape."
"So the files are organized by a 6-character name or code."
"If you happen to find one of those codes, try entering it into the pedestal via the dial."

Table of File Number Hints

"James might know."
"Or perhaps not. That'd be a very large list, and it would be difficult to search through."
"He might mention that specific numbers of current cases are stored in the Panopticon."
"Off to the Panopticon, then. It's the Circular Chamber west of the Walkway."
"Examine the Panopticon controls. Notice anything familiar?"
"That button with the inverted triangle looks familiar, though the lines extending from it might be confusing."
"Get the Panopticon running, view a room and try pushing the button."
"If nothing happens, that probably means there's not a patient associated with that room."
"Check the hints under the Panopticon for finding the important rooms."

Table of Panopticon Hints

"What on earth is this place for?"Table of General Panopticon Hints--hint toggle rule
"How does one use the Panopticon?"Table of Panopticon Usage Hints--hint toggle rule
"Something strange happened when I activated the Panopticon..."Table of Panopticon Activation Hints--hint toggle rule
"Which of the rooms in the blueprint/viewer are important?"Table of Panopticon Rooms Hints--hint toggle rule
"I seem to be stuck. How do I get back to the Administration Wing?"Table of Panopticon Stuck Hints--hint toggle rule

Table of General Panopticon Hints

"You have various sources of information to draw upon including the phonograph diaries (in the Office), James and there's always Triage. Point at various things with it present."
"'...the description of the central Tower and its prism-viewer, by which the entire complex could be overseen by a single man...'"
"This room is part of the Panopticon designed to allow an operator to view the cells in the various buildings which surround the tower, as well as gain access to them directly."
"The keyhole at the center of the blueprint (which is of the complex you're now standing at the center of) activates the system."
"See 'How does one use the Panopticon?' for specific hints."

Table of Panopticon Usage Hints

"The console at the center has several parts - a blue-print (of the area you're now standing in), a set of buttons, a slot, a keyhole..."
"' would accept a long, flanged key...'"
"Have you seen a key like that?"
"Try the drawer in the Office."
"Well, now it's activated and the room has changed 'subtly'."
"Try 'look' after putting the key in the keyhole. The exit's changed."
"Also, the console has lit up and the listening-tubes and prism-viewer have become activated."
"You can also gain access to the stored file names of anyone who recently resided in Corridor 6..."
" pushing the button with the triangle on it."

Table of Panopticon Activation Hints

"Yes. Yes indeed. Clearly unusual things are afoot."
"Figuring out precisely what is rather the point of the game."
"Read the descriptions carefully. Remember them."
"Some...thing doesn't like the sound in Room A. And won't let you keep the Panopticon set to it. Very strange."
"You may wish to check the 'General' subject in the main hint menu for further details."
"Or the section called 'The Logos' for spoilers."

Table of Panopticon Rooms Hints

"Many of the rooms are completely unusable -- they're either structurally unsound or have literally collapsed."
"Three of the rooms are safe enough to enter -- A, C, and D."
"Only one of these seems to have been used recently -- D."
"Several of the rooms will produce file-codes when the triangular button is pressed -- specifically C, D, and E."
"It depends on your definition of important."
"Entering the code produced by Room 6D into the Archives will reveal that Cleve Anderson was kept there until recently."
"There's a good chance that the writing on the wall was left by him..."
"See the hints for Corridor 6 for more details."

Table of Panopticon Stuck Hints

"How did you get to the opening to the north open?"
"What do you think happened to the opening to the east?"
"There was a rumbling when you put the key in the keyhole."
"And the room subtly changed."
"The Panopticon works by rotating the tower to the activated corridor."
"The walkway connects the tower to the chosen corridor (it actually lowers if a lower corridor is activated)."
"The tower rotated when you put the key in the keyhole..."
"Rotate it back by taking the key back."

Table of Corridor 6 Hints

"How do I get into rooms B, E, and F?"Table of Corridor 6 Blocked Room Hints--hint toggle rule
"What's going on in Rooms A and C?"Table of Corridor 6 Empty Room Hints--hint toggle rule
"Room D is covered in strange writing...what does it mean?"Table of Corridor 6 Room D Hints--hint toggle rule

Table of Corridor 6 Blocked Room Hints

"'...6B seems stuck fast...'"
"'The lock and handle on the door to 6F seem broken...'"
"'The room beyond the door to the west seems to have collapsed in on itself...'"
"You don't."
"Though, that being said, you can view what's inside those rooms via the Panopticon."

Table of Corridor 6 Empty Room Hints

"'A room that has been stripped almost completely bare...'"
"'A room whose floor seems in danger of collapse...'"
"Not a lot, really."
"You can, however, find out what's making that horrible noise in the Panopticon in Room 6A."

Table of Corridor 6 Room D Hints

"There's definitely an intention to it -- the markings are carved very precisely."
"It's broken up into several sections -- the string of text at the center ('ZXWHT...'), the lines which surround it, and the other text ('LOGOS EN SOPH...')."
"There's a lot of information here. And you might not have enough of a background to interpret it."
"The [']further text['] seems at least to be written in some form of language, the center text looks like nonsense..."
"...or encrypted. It's a code."
"This puzzle *is* solvable, but it would require outside information. If you don't recognize the words NOTARIKON, GEMATRIA, or TEMURAH or you don't understand what the other text is doing, you probably wouldn't be able to do so."
"That's alright though, you have someone who's very good at analyzing things and '...connecting seemingly disparate data into a coherent whole...'"
"SomeTHING, rather..."
"POINT AT THE WALL when Triage is present. It'll be tough for it, but its final screen of information will be the solution to the cypher at the center..."
"'Malkuth is in Kether as Kether is in Malkuth.'"
"Or, in Triage's interpretation: '[bracket]Man[close bracket] is in [bracket]God[close bracket] as [bracket]God[close bracket] is in [bracket]Man[close bracket].'"
"If that doesn't mean anything to you now, don't worry. It might somewhere down the road."

Table of Newgate Hints

"The door to Flat 2D is locked. How do I open it?"Table of Flat 2D Hints--hint toggle rule
"What on earth is a magnetophone?"Table of Magnetophone Hints--hint toggle rule
"How do I get it to work?"Table of Fixing Magnetophone Hints--hint toggle rule
"The magnetophone is on, but all I'm getting is static!"Table of Static Hints--hint toggle rule
"I hear people talking. How do I make contact?"Table of Contact Hints--hint toggle rule
"OK, I have people listening to me -- what do I say?"Table of Wording Hints--hint toggle rule
"What are the gallows for?"Table of Gallows Hints--hint toggle rule
"Can I use the gallows to kill someone?"Table of Gallows Use Hints--hint toggle rule
"How do I open the trap door?"Table of Trap Door Hints--hint toggle rule
"How does the automaton work?"Table of Automaton Hints--hint toggle rule

Table of Flat 2D Hints

"How does one open a locked door?"
"Who does the flat belong to?"
"Where might you keep a key?"
"Look closely around the office."
"Have you examined the desk in detail?"
"The blotter?"
"The key is under the blotter. Move it or look under it."

Table of Magnetophone Hints

"A magnetophone is a communications device, similar to a modern day ham radio. It can be used to transmit a message on a global scale by magnetic manipulation of the luminous aether."
"Or something."
"More importantly - it can be used to talk to people all over the world simultaneously."
"The book beside it can give you some advice on what the various parts of it are for."

Table of Fixing Magnetophone Hints

"Read the manual."
"Is there a power source? Is the device turned on?"

Table of Static Hints

"Read the manual."
"The magnetophone is already set up near a window..."
" you'll need an amplifier."
"Have you looked at everything on the table?"
"Have you examined the trade card?"
"Apparently there's a amplifier waiting at Du Monde's in Fleet Street."

Table of Contact Hints

"Read the manual."
"What is proper etiquette in situations like these?"
"Push TRANSMIT then transmit CALLING CQ."

Table of Wording Hints

"Probably something momentous."
"What precisely are you trying to accomplish?"
"Do you understand the central mystery of the game?"
"Do you know what the Logos is?"
"Do you understand why sound is important to it?"
"Do you understand what happened when you first made contact?"
"The Logos tried connecting to the minds it heard, but found nothing."
"Perhaps you can encourage it to come out."
"How did Cleve initially contact the Logos?"
"What did he say?"
"'Under my breath, I whispered the Order's motto ... for that is what had come to be...'"
"What is his Order's motto? Where would you find it?"
"Have you been in the basement of Du Monde's building?"
"Have you examined the pedestal?"

Table of Gallows Hints

"Precisely what you think they're for."

Table of Gallows Use Hints

"Any fool you can convince to put on the noose."

Table of Trap Door Hints

"Look around. Is there anyone who can assist you?"
"Take a good look at the automaton - and the button beside it."

Table of Automaton Hints

"Take a good look at it - and the button beside it."
"The button activates the automaton. Pressing it again shuts it off."
"Once turned on it needs a criminal to punish."

Table of Smithfield Hints

"How do I get into the attic flat?"Table of Attic Flat Hints--hint toggle rule
"How do I open the puzzle box?"Table of Puzzle Box Hints--hint toggle rule
"How do I open the basement door?"Table of Basement Door Hints--hint toggle rule
"How do I get an aetheric amplifier from Du Monde?"Table of Aetheric Amplifier Hints--hint toggle rule

Table of Attic Flat Hints

"Whose flat is this, anyway?"
"Do you have access to anything that belonged to them?"
"If not, you might be able to get in the way someone before you did."
"Examine the door carefully."
"ATTACK THE DOOR or, alternatively you can find the key in File F6A142 of the Archives."

Table of Puzzle Box Hints

"Who does the box belong to?"
"Do the buttons on the box sound familiar?"
"Have you examined the writing in Cleve's Cell at Bedlam?"
"Have you broken the cypher written there?"
"Who helped you break the cypher?"
"Who has a '...capability in connecting seemingly disparate data into a coherent whole...?'"
"Perhaps they can help you here?"
"What did the cypher say?"

Table of Basement Door Hints

"What does the door say?"
"Who owns the building?"
"Who lived here?"
"Have you completely searched the attic loft?"
"Have you read Cleve's diary?"
"'I have made a copy of Du Monde's basement key...'"
"The crude copy from the puzzle box ought to do the trick."
"There's probably an original about."
"Who do you think has it?"
"Du Monde seems the type to only give up the key from her cold, dead hands."
"Oblige her."

Table of Aetheric Amplifier Hints

"What does she say when you ask about it?"
"Apparently they're fairly rare and only available on special order."
"It'll take weeks for one to arrive..."
"Perhaps you've already ordered one?"
"Perhaps you don't remember?"
"Have you examined your flat in Newgate?"
"Have you found the trade card on the table?"
"Give the trade card to Du Monde."

Table of Spoiler Hints

"OK. Spoil me. What the heck is going on?"Table of Spoil Me Hints--hint toggle rule
"The Logos suddenly got very active, what happened?"Table of Active Logos Hints--hint toggle rule
"What's with the ending? The appendix?"Table of Ending Hints--hint toggle rule
"How do I win?"Table of Winning Hints--hint toggle rule

Table of Spoil Me Hints

"You are not who you think you are."
"People may refer to you as Dr. Thomas Xavier - but think about how you've been acting."
"No memory. Curious about everything. Picking up anything that isn't nailed down."
"Not to mention moving about in time (Can people normally UNDO what's been done? Or SAVE a moment to return at a later time?)"
"Does any of this sound familiar?"
"Have you read File F6A142?"
"The original Xavier was infected by what infected Cleve."
"He received his infection by listening to Cleve speak."
"Have you noticed anything strange when you meet a person for the first time?"
"You're speaking glossolalia (speaking in tongues) -- just like Cleve."
"You infect every person you meet with a part of the Logos - the thing that lives within your mind."
"Now, you're faced with a choice."
"Do you stop the Logos? Is it worth the cost? Or do you help it to grow?"
"There is no cure for the infection -- death is the only release."
"Spreading it one person at a time might help it to grow, but is there a more effective way to reach the masses?"

Table of Active Logos Hints

"There was a specific action that set off the Logos, even if you didn't realize it at the time."
"What is the goal of the Logos?"
"It only understands growth and survival."
"What is the opposite of survival?"
"You cut off one of its questing roots."
"You killed someone it had infected."
"The instant you kill someone who has been infected, a timer starts. You have 25 turns to complete your goals before time runs out and the Logos takes over entirely."

Table of Ending Hints

"There are several different endings and several different appendices."
"After all, you can still travel in time (save/restore/restart)."
"What is your goal? How can time-travel help you achieve it?"
"What would you do differently?"
"Cleve made his choice. What will yours be? And can you live with the consequences?"
"There are five 'classes' of endings, each with an Appendix (A - E) which comes from the newly created timeline."

Table of Winning Hints

"Interesting question."
"How do you define [']winning['] anyway?"
"Is the Logos evil?"
"What is it really trying to do?"
"Does it deserve to die?"
"That being said - does humanity?"
"Sorry - we can't answer this one."