Slouching Towards Bedlam — 25 of 76

Star C. Foster and Daniel Ravipinto

Release 2

Section 4(c) - Show

Instead of showing something to Du Monde:

if the noun is the letter or the noun is the diary or noun is the damaged book:

say "Du Monde briefly glances over it, her smile tightening slightly. 'Fascinating little myths these boys are capable of,' she concedes.[paragraph break]Quick as a flash, her hand snakes beneath the counter, returning to slam a tiny brass object onto the countertop.[paragraph break]'A gift,' she says, 'for the inquisitive.'[paragraph break]In a heartbeat, the thing is airborne - a tiny whirlwind of metallic wings and grasping arms.[paragraph break]The pain is excruciating.[paragraph break]";

now the player is dead;

choose an ending;


continue the action;

Instead of giving something to Du Monde, try showing the noun to Du Monde.

The aetheric module is a thing. Understand "amplifier" as the aetheric module. The printed name of the aetheric module is "small module labeled [']Aetheric Amplifier[']". The description of the module is "A small black module that easily fits in the hand. On one side, its smooth surface reads 'Cooke Aetheric Amplifier Module,' on the other, only two small pins are visible."

Instead of showing the trade card to Du Monde:

say "Du Monde takes the card and fumbles in her pocket for her monocle. Eyepiece in place, she scrutinizes it. Her face relaxes into an open smile. 'Sorry I didn't recognize you, sir. I do a good trade here, lots of folks in and out. And I have no memory for faces. Just a moment.'[paragraph break]She fiddles under the counter, her movement bringing about the clang and bang of metal on metal.[paragraph break]'Here it, is sir. Should fix your reception problems straight away.' She places a small module on the counter then sets back to work.";

remove the trade card from play;

move the aetheric module to the counter;