Slouching Towards Bedlam — 27 of 76

Star C. Foster and Daniel Ravipinto

Release 2

Chapter 12 - Travelling

Instead of entering a closed door, say "The door is closed."

Travelling to is an action applying to one topic.

Understand "drive to [text]", "drive me to [text]", "go to [text]", "travel to [text]", "take me [text]", "take me to [text]" as travelling to.

Instead of travelling to a topic listed in the Table of Locations:

if the hansom cab is visible:

let the chosen destination be the destination entry;

if the location is the chosen destination:

say "[if Reginald is alive]'But we're already here, ser...'[otherwise]But the carriage is already there.";


now the hansom cab is in the chosen destination;

if Reginald is alive:

if the player is not in the hansom cab, say "The driver gestures into the cab's interior, waits a moment, then nudges his horse forward with a clicking noise and a shake of the reins.[paragraph break]";

if Reginald is infected:

say "The trip feels none too comfortable, but at least the cab's interior gives some insulation against the tumult of London. Before long, the cab slows and the driver announces the reached destination...";


say "[bold type]/(distancespacetimefurthertouchmore)\[roman type][paragraph break]In the shadow of the cab's interior, the cold comes once again.[paragraph break][bold type]/(growlearnreachseedexchangeexpand)\[roman type][paragraph break]'What's that? Sounded strange there for a moment, you did.'[paragraph break][bold type]/(dividecopycopyonemanymanyone)\[roman type][paragraph break]Vibrations...passing through the cold into the surround air - escaping as...sound?[paragraph break][bold type]/(yessuccessmoremore)\[roman type][paragraph break]As Reggie pulls the cab to a stop, he calls down.[paragraph break]'What was that you said, ser? Sounded like something foreign. Never could understand why English folks can't stick to the Queen's English. That fancy talk always hurt my ears. Bit silly if you ask me... unless...well, if you want to dance with the Green Fairy that is of course your business, ser.'";

now Reginald is infected;

if Triage is visible and the emerald is switched on, move Triage to the hansom cab;

move the player to the hansom cab;


say "Slowly but surely, Betsy draws the carriage through the city streets towards [the region entry]...";

if Triage is visible and the emerald is switched on, move Triage to the chosen destination;

move the player to the chosen destination;


say "No such thing can be seen."

Instead of travelling to "[london]":

if the hansom cab is visible:

if Reginald is alive:

say "[one of]'I'm afraid Betsy's not quite up to that task today, ser. It's quite a distance, and she's had a long day already.'[or]'Now, ser, you know as well as I do that this vehicle is for business purposes only.'[or]'Sightseeing during business hours! Due respect, ser, but it's not worth my job.'[at random]";


say "There are more pressing concerns.";


say "No such thing can be seen."

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Instead of travelling to, say "No such thing can be seen."

Table of Locations

"[newgate]"Outside Flat 2D"Newgate"
"[smithfield]"Smithfield Market"Smithfield"