Slouching Towards Bedlam — 35 of 76

Star C. Foster and Daniel Ravipinto

Release 2

Section 2 - Lobby

The description of the Lobby is "The walls and floor are a clinical white tile and marble. However, the dim lights set above this echoing space hiss and pop fitfully, giving the small maze of desks and workspaces within a tarnished, decaying look.[paragraph break]A set of solid gates lie opened and unlocked to the east and west. A small corridor runs northward and from the south, the bright light of day is visible through a set of glass doors."

After going to the Lobby for the first time:

say "[line break][run paragraph on]";

try looking;

[This is a bit of a hack - Triage was following correctly, but its text appeared after the infection.]

if the emerald is switched on:

now Triage is in the Lobby;

say "Triage obediently appears.[paragraph break]";

say "The young man looks up and the corners of his mouth lift into a smile that is not quite strong enough to reach his eyes.[paragraph break]'Doctor? Are you...'[paragraph break]Cold. Yes, the cold is familiar.[paragraph break]";

say "[bold type]/(reachgrabfeel|possibility|probability)\[roman type][paragraph break]";

say "The echo of an echo, the reflection of words from here to the far wall of reality and back.[paragraph break]'...alright? You had us all...'[paragraph break]";

say "[bold type]/(actionpositiveaffirmative|destroyingfrictionbreakinggrowth|positiveyes)\[roman type][paragraph break]";

say "' you mean...?'[paragraph break]The dim light glinting off the small badge he wears - James - Assistant -[paragraph break]";

say "[bold type]/(livinggrowthfrictionfurtherspreadingoutwardstretchingyestouchingyes)\[roman type][paragraph break]";

say "- Bethlehem - Hospital -[paragraph break]'All right then, sir.'[paragraph break]And then he is nodding and returning to his seat, somehow both more and less nervous.[paragraph break]";

say "[bold type]/(yesdoneyes)\[roman type][paragraph break]";

now James is infected;