Slouching Towards Bedlam — 6 of 76

Star C. Foster and Daniel Ravipinto

Release 2

Chapter 4 - Analysis

[This code gives analytical information for Triage to work with]

All things have some text called analysis. The analysis is usually "CAT:UNKNOWN/UNLI[line break]STED.UTIL:NOT.AP[line break]PLICABLE.PART:NO[line break]NE.ITEM.IS.NOT.R[line break]ECOGNIZED.BY.CUR[line break]RENT.SYSTEM.STOR[line break]E.REQUIRE.ADDITI[line break]ONAL.INFORMATION".

Pointing at is an action applying to one visible thing and requiring light. Understand "point at [something]" or "point to [something]" or "point towards [something]" as pointing at. Understand "gesture at [something]" or "gesture to [something]" or "gesture towards [something]" as pointing at.

Check pointing at: if Triage is not visible, say "Nothing happens." Check pointing at: if Triage is visible and the emerald is not switched on, say "Nothing happens."

The analysis of the player is "CAT:LIVING......[line break]*CATASTROPHIC.ER[line break]RROR.A042.CATEGO[line break]RY.INDEX.OUT.OF.[line break]RANGE.STACK.OVER[line break]FLOW*PART:ID=DR.[line break]THOMAS.XAVIER=CU[line break]RRENT.OPERATOR..".

[It's probably more elegant to have all objects have an analyzed/initial analysis, but the only special case is Cleve's writing...]

Instead of pointing at something when Triage is visible and the emerald is switched on:

say "[if the noun is the player]The emerald flickers from head to toe before returning:[otherwise][one of]The emerald eye examines [the noun] returning with:[or]A small beam of green light lashes out over [the noun] as Triage's screen lights up:[or]Triage's emerald searches [the noun], then... [or]The machine analyzes [the noun] before replying... [or]Triage's beam flickers over [the noun], briefly, then displays:[at random][end if][paragraph break]";

if the noun is the writing and the analyzed of the writing is false:

now the analyzed of the writing is true;

say "[the initial analysis of the writing][line break]";


now the current display of the screen is the analysis of the noun;

say "[fixed letter spacing][the current display of the screen][variable letter spacing][line break]".;

if the noun is Du Monde and Du Monde is alive:

say "[line break]Du Monde's throat tightens slightly. 'How clever,' she whispers.";

otherwise if the noun is the puzzle box and the analyzed of the writing is true:

say "[line break]The mechanism clatters for a moment, making connections, then...[paragraph break][fixed letter spacing]SEPHIROTH+KABBAL[line break]AH+MACHINE=CYPHE[line break]RIST.!.POSSIBLE.[line break]CONNECTION.CYPHE[line break]R='MALKUTH.IS.IN[line break]KETHER'-SOLUTION[line break]=MALKUTH,KETHER,[line break]KETHER,MALKUTH?![variable letter spacing][line break]";

otherwise if the noun is the pin:

if Du Monde is alive:

say "[line break]Her eyes harden, although her smile never wavers.[paragraph break]'A trifle, I assure you. Besides, this is a mechanist's shop, not a jeweler's, and I am sure a man of distinction, such as you clearly are, has no interest in second-hand trinkets.'[paragraph break]Her eyes scan Triage's display.[paragraph break]'I see you have a Triage Mark III. Excellent machine, although flawed in that it can only spit back information fed in by its operator. They are often plagued by fits of conjecture.'[paragraph break]She deftly removes the pin and drops it in her pocket.[paragraph break]'Now what can I assist you with?'";

remove the pin from play;

now the analysis of Du Monde is "CAT:LIVING.HUMAN[line break]FEMALE.UTIL:COMM[line break]UNICATION.POSSIB[line break]LE.BY.SPEECH.OR.[line break]WRITTEN.WORD.PAR[line break]T:ID=POSSIBLE.CY[line break]PHERIST.FROM.ANA[line break]LYSIS.OF.SYMBOL.";