Slouching Towards Bedlam — 44 of 76

Star C. Foster and Daniel Ravipinto

Release 2

Section 4 - Walkways

A walkway is a kind of room with printed name "Walkway" and description "ERROR!". Instead of going nowhere from a walkway, say "Straying from the walkway would most likely result in a rather fatal fall." A walkway has a text called entrance. A walkway has a text called exit. The description of a walkway is "The slight wind whistles tunelessly against this mesh of steel, which arcs from one massive, opened gate to another. A roof curves far overhead, enclosing both the block-like building to the [entrance] and the narrow tower to the [exit]. Far below, an intricate set of sub-buildings can be seen, enclosed within the complex's outer wall.".

West_Walkway is a walkway. The entrance of West_Walkway is "east". The exit of West_Walkway is "west".

North_Walkway is a walkway. The entrance of North_Walkway is "north". The exit of North_Walkway is "south".

The actual walkway is a backdrop. It is in West_Walkway and North_Walkway. The description of the actual walkway is "It seems solid enough."

Instead of climbing the actual walkway:

now the player is dead;

say "The ground is much closer than expected. There is no pain, only darkness...[paragraph break]";

choose an ending;