Slouching Towards Bedlam — 8 of 76

Star C. Foster and Daniel Ravipinto

Release 2

Chapter 6 - Cylinders

A cylinder is a kind of thing. The description of a cylinder is usually "A small, labeled tin cylinder approximately a handsbreadth wide, its surface is inscribed with a fine groove which winds down its entire length." The analysis of a cylinder is usually "CAT:NONLIVING.TO[line break]OL.UTIL:RECORDIN[line break]G.MEDIUM.FOR.COR[line break]RECTLY.OUTFITTED[line break]PHONOGRAPH.PART:[line break]RECORDED.AUDIO.D[line break]IARY.ENTRY=PLAY.[line break]IN.PHONOGRAPH...". A cylinder has a list of texts called the media. The media is usually {"***ERROR: EMPTY CYLINDER***"}.

[Using "the playback activity" to keep track and not display certain 'After' functionality...]

Playing is an action applying to one visible thing and requiring light. Understand "play [something]" as playing.

Playback is an activity.

Check playing: if the noun is not a cylinder, say "That cannot be played."

Check playing: if the phonograph is not visible, say "The cylinder requires a phonograph to be played."

Carry out playing:

if the noun is held by the ivory arms:

if the phonograph is switched on, say "The cylinder is already playing.";

otherwise try switching on the phonograph;


begin the playback activity;

now the noun is held by the player;

try inserting the noun into the ivory arms;

now the current entry of the phonograph is 0;

now the phonograph is switched on;

say "Nestled carefully into the phonograph[']s waiting ivory arms, the [noun] begins to play.";

end the playback activity;