Slouching Towards Bedlam — 64 of 76

Star C. Foster and Daniel Ravipinto

Release 2

Section 1 - Smithfield Market

The description of Smithfield Market is "While this is merely the outskirts of the Market, its presence still threatens to overwhelm the senses -- the smell of an abattoir, the din of a thousand voices shouting, the sight of masses of humanity talking, shopping, selling.[paragraph break]The only quiet in the din lies southward, towards Fleet Street."

Instead of going nowhere from Smithfield Market for the first time, say "[bold type]/(soundcolorlightmovement)\[roman type][paragraph break]Smithfield is a riot of sensation - claustrophobic and...cold?[paragraph break][bold type]/(overtoonumbersspreadingthingfartoo)\[roman type][paragraph break]The place is a whirlwind - too much motion too much thought and voices and words...[paragraph break][bold type]/(nononohurtmanyechofarnono)\[roman type][paragraph break]The cold is out there - freezing will and body both. Better to say here, in the quiet and the warmth. Yes. Better to stay.[paragraph break][bold type]/(yesbackhideyesnowonlyhide)\[roman type][paragraph break]".

Instead of going nowhere from Smithfield Market more than one time, say "[bold type]/(no)\[roman type][paragraph break]The cold again. And a numbness of the body. And an inability to resist."

The crowds are scenery in Smithfield Market. The description of the crowds is "So many of them. So many. And not a single one still. The Market is a living aggregate - a singular plural - moving, shouting, screaming, growing in every direction within range of ear and eye." Instead of doing anything to the crowds, say "The Market is overwhelming in every sense of the word." Understand "people", "masses", "humanity", "market" as the crowds.