Slouching Towards Bedlam — 67 of 76

Star C. Foster and Daniel Ravipinto

Release 2

Section 3(a) - Ms Du Monde

Ms Du Monde is a woman in Du Monde's. The printed name of Du Monde is "Ms. Du Monde". "A woman leans over the counter, working on something with intense concentration." The description of Du Monde is "Tall and thin, though her figure is difficult to make out in men's clothes that are ill-suited for her frame. Her curly, auburn hair is tied back in a simple ponytail at the nape of her neck. Her fierce green eyes are bright and aware, though they crinkle their corners.[if Du Monde wears the pin][paragraph break]She wears a small pin on her lapel." The analysis of Du Monde is "CAT:LIVING.HUMAN[line break]FEMALE.UTIL:COMM[line break]UNICATION.POSSIB[line break]LE(SPEECH.OR.WRI[line break]TTEN.WORD)PART:I[line break]D=UNKNOWN.FURTHE[line break]R.ANALYSIS-POSSI[line break]BLE.EXAMINATION?" Understand "woman" as Du Monde. Understand "corpse", "blood" as Du Monde when Du Monde is dead.

Every turn:

if Du Monde is visible and Du Monde is alive:

if a random chance of 1 in 3 succeeds:

say "[one of]Du Monde clucks her tongue impatiently.[or]Du Monde searches futilely behind the counter for something.[or]Du Monde opens a drawer and pulls out a tool.[or]Du Monde briefly consults a manual before returning to work.[or]Du Monde taps her fingers on the counter impatiently.[or]Du Monde distractedly chews at a loose piece of her dangling hair.[or]Du Monde places the piece on the counter and looks at it angrily for a moment. With a frown, she reclaims it and continues her work.[or]Du Monde finishes whatever she was working on. From behind the counter she produces another small piece of machinery and begins to fiddle with it.[or]Du Monde stares out the window for a long moment.[or]Du Monde bites her lower lip as she continues to work.[at random]";

Instead of attacking Du Monde:

now Du Monde is dead;

now the description of Du Monde is "The corpse lies slumped over the counter, its head apparently bashed in.";

now the printed name of Du Monde is "Du Monde's corpse";

now the initial appearance of Du monde is "The corpse of a woman leans over the counter, slowly dripping blood to the floor.";

say "Alexandra leans intently over her device, so focused that she does not feel the hand wind itself into her pony tail until it is almost flat against her head. She looks up and gasps as fingers tangle themselves tightly in her hair.[paragraph break]She tries to simultaneously strike out with her tool and pull herself free, but there is not enough time to do either before her head is slammed into the countertop again and again and again.[paragraph break]She stops struggling, and falls heavily against the countertop when she is released, her head oozing with blood. She spits defiantly, a trail of blood and spittle dripping from her lips.[paragraph break]'Monster,' she accuses with her last, raspy breath. 'Monster.'[paragraph break]";

move the pin to Du Monde's;

move the heavy key to Du Monde's;

spur on the Logos;