Slouching Towards Bedlam — 11 of 76

Star C. Foster and Daniel Ravipinto

Release 2

Section 2 - Logos

[The Logos waits 25 turns (grouped in groups of 5 turns) before stopping the player and ending the game...]

[Modified -- the list of text is now reply rather than 'response', as the latter as of 6L02 has a very specific meaning.]

The Logos is a thing. [Indeed!] The Logos has a number called counted deaths. The counted deaths of the Logos is 0. The Logos has a list of texts called the reply. The reply of the Logos is {"[bold type]/(?whygonemissingpartwholesilenceself?)\[roman type][paragraph break]The cold creeps a little further.", "[bold type]/(ceaseexistancenonullgonehowwhy)\[roman type][paragraph break]The cold has teeth now. It stretches, unfolding like a flower.","[bold type]/(STOPpainkillinghurtingchildrenselvesSTOP)\[roman type][paragraph break]It will not be denied - it reaches, breathes...","[bold type]/(forcecontrolsurviveprotectSTOPSTOPSTOP)\[roman type][paragraph break]It is almost here. It is almost...","[bold type]/(YESYEShavetakeallnowtakeforceSTOPnowYESYES)\[roman type][paragraph break]Cleve's words somehow echo across the world.[paragraph break]'Too late. Too late.'[line break]"}.

To spur on the Logos:

if the counted deaths of the Logos is 0:

say "[bold type]/(!NO!)\[roman type][line break]";

the Logos wakes in five turns from now;


say "With another death, the cold begins to spread even faster...";

increase the the counted deaths of the Logos by 1;

At the time when the Logos wakes:

say "[entry 1 of the reply of the Logos][line break]";

remove entry 1 from the reply of the Logos;

if the reply of the Logos is empty:

if there is exactly one person who is a carrier: [the player]

perform Ending E;


perform Ending B;


the Logos wakes in four turns from now;