Slouching Towards Bedlam — 47 of 76

Star C. Foster and Daniel Ravipinto

Release 2

Section 5(b) The prism-viewer

The prism viewer is scenery in the Circular Chamber. Understand "handles" as the prism viewer. The prism viewer has an object called the displayed room. The displayed room is usually nothing. The description of the prism viewer is "Shaped much like a periscope, it contains a mirrored prism manipulated by the handles on either side. [if the displayed room of the prism viewer is nothing]The viewer is currently dark, showing nothing.[otherwise]The viewer is lit, showing the following scene:[paragraph break][the description of the displayed room of the prism viewer]". Instead of searching the viewer, try examining the viewer. The analysis of the viewer is "CAT:NONLIVING.TO[line break]OL.UTIL:PRISM.VI[line break]EWER(LOOK.IN).PA[line break]RT:VIEWER.SHOWS.[line break]CURRENTLY.SELECT[line break]ED.CELL.ON.ACTIV[line break]ATED.FLOOR.MANIP[line break]ULATE=LOOK.INTO."

The listening tubes are scenery in the Circular Chamber. The description of the tubes is "Each is shaped as a brass pipe which terminates in a horn on either side of the viewer.".The analysis of the tubes is "CAT:NONLIVING.TO[line break]OL.UTIL:LISTENIN[line break]G.TUBE(LISTEN.TO[line break]).PART:AUDIO.OUT[line break]PUT.OF.CURRENTLY[line break]SELECTED.CELL.ON[line break]ACTIVATED.FLOOR.[line break][bracket]ECHO.POSSIBLE[close bracket]."