Slouching Towards Bedlam — 50 of 76

Star C. Foster and Daniel Ravipinto

Release 2

Section 7 - Courtyard

The description of the Courtyard is "This walled off area sits at the bottom of a massive staircase which leads into the building to the north. At its base is a sign reading 'Bethlehem Hospital - Administration.' The outer walls meet here - meeting at the distant gates which sit to the southeast."

After going from the Lobby to the Courtyard for the first time:

try looking;

say "When he hears footsteps clatter across the courtyard, the driver tilts his hat back and says 'Where to then, Doc?' with a smile."

[Why must this be "instead of going southeast IN" versus "instead of going southeast FROM?" The latter compiles fine, but fails to work?]

Instead of going southeast in the Courtyard for the first time, say "Moorsfield is bustling with activity this time of day and evidence of such can be heard as the gates draw closer. Voices piled upon voices, echoing through the streets and alleyways.[paragraph break][bold type]/(manyvoicemindstoo?)\[roman type][paragraph break]The first streets become visible - masses of humanity moving about -[paragraph break][bold type]/(overtoonumbersspreadingthingfartoo)\[roman type][paragraph break]machines - horses - minds - voices - and cold - a freezing that locks the legs, that slows and stops...[paragraph break][bold type]/(nononohurtmanyechofarnono)\[roman type][paragraph break]Yes - yes this is better, pulling back, away, not towards. Towards warmth and sanity.[paragraph break][bold type]/(yesbackhideeyesnowonlyhide)\[roman type][paragraph break]The driver's voice suddenly echoes across the courtyard. 'Ser? No need to go out into *that*, then ser. I'm at yer service.'"

Instead of doing it more than one time, say "The cold again. And a numbness of the body. And an inability to resist."