Slouching Towards Bedlam — 51 of 76

Star C. Foster and Daniel Ravipinto

Release 2

Section 7(a) - Scenery

The hospital is scenery in the Courtyard. Understand "stairs", "staircase", "building", "Bethlehem", "Hospital", "Administration", "sign", "outer", "walls", "wall" or "gate" as the hospital. The description of the hospital is "The courtyard is quiet, cut off from the bustle of Moorsfield by the outer wall. The Hospital's sign and staircase lead smoothly up to the Administration building to the north, their path shadowed by the massive statues above."

The statues are in the Courtyard. "Flanking the top of the staircase on either side are two colossal statues." Understand "mania", "melancholy" and "raving" as the statues. The description of the statues is "Human figures, they are -- bald and muscular, naked except for a stream of cloth about their waists, each lying against an arch of stone. The leftmost - Melancholy - grips the ground beneath him with a look of placid despair. On the right lies Mania, struggling against his chains." The analysis of the statues is "CAT:NONLIVING.ST[line break]ATUES.UTIL:UNKNO[line break]N.PART:[']RAVING.M[line break]ANIA[']&[']MELANCHOL[line break]Y.MANIA['].CREATED[line break]BY.ROBERT.HOOKE.[line break]DESIGNER.OF.ORIG[line break]INAL.HOSPITAL..." Instead of doing something other than examining to the statues, say "The statues are far out of reach."