Slouching Towards Bedlam — 59 of 76

Star C. Foster and Daniel Ravipinto

Release 2

Section 2(b) - Table, Card, and Book

To say describe table:

if the paperbacked book is on the flat table or the trade card is on the flat table:

say "At one corner of the table ";

if the paperbacked book is on the flat table:

say "is a paperbacked book";

if the trade card is on the flat table:

say ", lying beside a small trade card.[no line break]";


say "is a small card.[no line break]"

[This is a much cleaner way of changing the base rules... (this time to not include the card and the book in the description).]

[PREVIOUSLY: Procedural rule while examining the flat table: ignore the examine supporters rule.]

The examine supporters rule does nothing when examining the flat table.

The describe what's on scenery supporters in room descriptions rule does nothing when the item described is the flat table.

The trade card is on the flat table. The description of the trade card is "A trade card depicting a smiling, smartly dressed gentleman with a small black box on wheels by his side. It reads:[paragraph break]'Modern Office Marvel'[paragraph break]The Triage Mark III(tm) is the marriage of Professional Efficiency and Understated Elegance. Its sleek onyx casing houses a mechanical [']brain['] capable of rapid Data Retrieval and Analysis. Pre-programmed with an encyclopedia's breadth of knowledge, the Triage Mark III(tm) is every business man's friend. Savvy executives may choose to order the stunning ivory data entry device (sold separately) to expand and customize their Triage's library. [paragraph break]Available at Du Monde's - Mechanist of Repute since 1803, 1428 Fleet Street, Smithfield Market, London.[paragraph break]On the opposite side of the card is a handwritten note:[paragraph break]'Bill of Sale: One Aetheric Amplifier, to be picked up. Paid in Full. Order number 59208. - Du Monde'"

The paperbacked book is on the flat table. The description of the book is "The book is open to a marked page, labeled 'Troubleshooting Your Magnetophone, A Home User's Guide...'[paragraph break][bold type]1. Problem: Nothing happens when I turn my Magnetophone on.[roman type][line break]Be sure that your Magnetophone is hooked up to a viable power source, and that the power source is active. If you are sure your power source is active, toggle your switch.[paragraph break][bold type]2. Problem: All I hear is static or I can hear other operators, but they can't hear me speak, or they do not answer.[roman type][line break]To broadcast, be sure to depress the TRANSMIT button each time you wish to speak. While the TRANSMIT button is not depressed, your magnetophone acts as a receiver, not a transmitter. Also, be sure to use proper etiquette while operating your Magnetophone. To let another operator know you wish to make contact, press the TRANSMIT button and use the universally accepted phrase 'Calling CQ'. If you fail to use this code, other operators may believe they are picking up the middle of an alternate conversation, and will not respond for fear of interrupting.[paragraph break][bold type]3. Problem: I can hear static and voices, but they are faint or indistinct.[roman type][line break]Magnetophone customers living in highly-populated, urban areas may experience transmission interference due to the presence of large buildings, crowded streets, and pollution. You may try alleviate to this problem by placing the Magnetophone by a clear opening - such as a window. If this does not fix the problem, you may need to purchase one of several amplification devices, designed to fit into your machine's expansion slot."