In a world known as Tradara, an occurrence of incredible import has come about. After ages of conflict and hostilities, the ten most influential factions of the land have somehow decided to set aside their differences long enough to establish a Great Council, a place where their military, economic, and religious issues can be discussed and resolved peaceably. Even the Nyennans and their former slaves, the Rivanions, have agreed to abide by the decisions of the Council.

But all is not as it seems. Powers whose puissance lies beyond that of mere nations watch with bated breath. Powers with their own agendas, and goals; powers who wish to see the Council succeed, or fail, for their own selfish reasons.

Powers like you.

PROJECT TREACHERY: A Game of Traitors, Patriots, and Uneasy Alliances.

Players take the role of influential puppet-masters who seek to manipulate the Council to their own ends. They gain victory points by ensuring the factions they back win -- through bribery, deceit, brinkmanship and outright manipulation, or by achieving their own, secret goals.

TREACHERY is my second card game, currently in development. The basic concept is the game simulates the military, economic, and religious conflicts between various factions of the Council and it's left to the players how they'll effect the microsystem. Players that can predict the outcome of conflicts (either by reading the board and the other players, or by putting enough of their own influence in) gain points, which can in turn be spent on Action cards that will effect future conflicts. There are also Traitor and Patriot cards that can force certain emissaries to throw their support one way or another on a specific conflict. Finally, there are Goals that allow players to gain points if a specific situation happens: a specific number of emissaries turning traitor, a specific type of conflict falling out a certain way.

Current Status: Currently in beta-testing, with images and card layout yet to be done.