The Ruling Mask

Duchess of the Shallows has chosen her path. Now she will learn the price.

In the moment of her greatest victory she finds herself the victim of a whisper campaign as subtle and wide-reaching as the Grey itself. But her search for a source is threatened by a time of troubles for Rodaas: a brewing religious war, a struggle for imperial succession, and behind it all, the endless machinations of He Who Devours.

Everything she has gained--friends, family, faith and fortune--is in jeopardy.

Only one question remains: how far will Duchess go to protect what is hers?

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The Reviews

"The most knotty, absorbing, and satisfying yet."
Kirkus Reviews

"A deeply thoughtful and well-written series, up there with the best of them."
Pauline Ross, Author of The Brightmoon Annals

"...a busy, complex story, but one that gets its hooks into you early and never lets go."
Beauty In Ruins

"Well managed story-telling and a character-driven narrative make this a must-read."
CS Fantasy Reviews