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The Fall of Ventaris

She had been Marina Kell...

...wealthy and wellborn, until a night of fire and a mysterious brass coin changed everything.

She became the baker's daughter...

...fallen and forgotten, until another brass coin changed her life once more.

She is Duchess of the Shallows...

...the newest member of the secret society of thieves and spies known as the Grey.

Yet even as she exorcises the ghosts of her old life, new enemies threaten from all sides. Her struggle to survive will take her from the temples of the imperial cults, through the workshops of the great guilds and finally to the court of the empress herself.

And she will learn that in the Grey City, some ghosts are not so easily put to rest...

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The Reviews

"The authors, through their powerful portrayals of strong-willed characters, skillfully examine and confront issues of race, class, gender and sexual orientation in a way that's rarely, if ever, done in medieval fantasy...a thrilling story of thievery and self-discovery."
Kirkus Reviews

"An impeccable blend of mystery, action and world-building, combined with compelling characters...highly recommended for those who like depth to their fantasy."
Fantasy Review Barn

"Deeply layered and richly detailed...not only offers a satisfying follow up to the first tale, but makes the reader hungry for more."
Beauty In Ruins

"The story is very character driven...the world-building is strong and unobtrusive...builds nicely on its predecessor and goes on to top it."
CS Fantasy Reviews