"The story is great. Stories. No, story. This is one story shown in three orthogonal mirrors. That's use of the IF format at its finest."
Andrew Plotkin

"Tapestry shone...of all the games in the competition, I got probably the most thought out of this one, and it also had some of the most evocative writing."
Suzanne Skinner

"Innovative and convincingly executed."
Chuan-Tze Teo

"I loved the writing ... particularly the purgatorial prologue scenes. Vivid and absorbing, the prose makes you feel..."
C.E. Forman

An Interactive Destiny
2nd Place, 1996 Interactive Fiction Competition
Winner, Best Story; Finalist, Best Writing in the 1996 Xyzzy Awards

It is a symbol and a tool. It is your past and your future. It is all things, in time. You, Timothy Hunter, have lived, and like all things mortal you have died. But the aftermath of that lifetime is anything but simple...

Faced with creatures beyond your ken, the fruition of whose inscrutible motives hinge on your decisions, what will you do? Will you face who and what you once were? Or will you try to change things for the better? Or the worse?

Written for the 2nd Annual Interactive Fiction Competition, TAPESTRY is about the morality of choice, and some of the viewpoints humanity has held about fate and accountability.

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