Nitpicking: Babylon 5

Where we take the beloved sci-fi series, look at it with jaded eyes, and then tell you everything that's wrong with it.


Season One

EPISODE ONE: Midnight on the Firing Line
[June 2, 2019]
Our inaugural episode opens with conflicts between the Narn Regime and the Centauri Republic and between Lieutenant Commander Ivanova and PsiCorps telepath Talia Winters.

EXTRASODE 7: The Gathering (PREVIEW) [June 2, 2017]
In the first of our Patreon-only extrasodes, we tackle the Babylon 5 pilot which introduces names and place we'll see again and some plot development we thankfully won't.

EPISODE TWO: Soul Hunter
[June 9, 2019]
The injection of the supernatural into a series of meaningless, boring events does nothing to save the three important lines that are all you really need to hear.

EPISODE THREE: Born to the Purple
[June 16, 2019]
This eminently forgettable episode is one about which we were both wrong. Unfortunately, we were both right about its mediocrity.

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