Nitpicking: The Prisoner

Where we take the avant-garde 60ís television series, look at it with jaded eyes, and then tell you everything that's wrong with it.


[August 1, 2021]
We review the series' start, give a little of its historical context and lose it as we follow the bouncing ball...

EPISODE TWO: Free for All
[August 8, 2021]
The experiment continues, but with a political theme as Six runs for high office and...stuff happens.

EPISODE THREE: Dance of the Dead
[August 15, 2021]
We realize the Prisoner is more poetry than prose as the first -- and only? -- female Number Two puts Number Six on trial for crimes against the Village. All plot, no story, but the costumes are nice.

EPISODE FOUR: The Chimes of Big Ben
[August 22, 2021]
Guest commentator Piers Marchant talks with us about the historical and artistic context of The Prisoner as the now-indoctrinated Number Six tries to escape the Village via Art.

[August 29, 2021]
All the problems of The Prisoner on full display as we examine the episode that broke guest commentator Jill Neff.

EPISODE SIX: The General
[September 5, 2021]
We discuss education, smoldering gay glances, and how to destroy computers in a Star-Trekian way with guest commentator Cynthia Taylor.

EPISODE SEVEN: Many Happy Returns
[September 12, 2021]
We discuss Number Six's silent birthday and the wardrobe of Mrs. Butterworth with our guest Tim Allen, who has learned how different The Prisoner is this time around without the help of pizza and weed.

EPISODE EIGHT: Once Upon a Time and Fall Out
[September 19, 2021]
We bring the experiment to a close with the utterly incomprehensible two-part conclusion to The Prisoner, and lay out what comes next.

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