Nitpicking: The Next Generation

Where we take a beloved part of the Star Trek franchise, look at it with jaded eyes, and then tell you everything that's wrong with it.


Season One

EPISODE ONE: Encounter at Farpoint
[January 3, 2016]
Our inaugural episode opens with Q judging humanity and two giant color-coded jellyfish being lovingly reunited.

EPISODE TWO: The Naked Now
[January 10, 2016]
Wesley gets naughty, Yar and Data get nasty, and we all agree that none of this ever happened.

EPISODE THREE: Code of Honor
[January 17, 2016]
Women who love Space Zulus and the stereotypes who abuse them.

EPISODE FOUR: The Last Outpost [January 24, 2016]
The Ferengi dance and the Enterprise crew gets a lecture from someone more self-righteous than they are.

EPISODE FIVE: Where No One Has Gone Before [January 31, 2016]
Only thinking happy thoughts can save the Enterprise from a Windows screen saver.

EPISODE SIX: Lonely Among Us [February 7, 2016]
An encounter with a cloud full of energy beings becomes a tale of existential horror when Picard loses himself, his body and his personality. Oh and there are snake people and dog people.

EPISODE SEVEN: Justice [February 14, 2016]
A visit with a god-governed child-race reveals that, when the Federationís involved, even skimpy clothes, sex, and law-breaking are dull.

EPISODE EIGHT: The Battle [February 21, 2016]
The Enterprise falls for an obvious Ferengi trap, and Picard falls for an even more obvious brainwashing device. Oh, and he has a maneuver.

EPISODE NINE: Hide and Q [February 28, 2016]
Q demonstrates his omnipotence by putting the characters through the most tedious episode so far. And he makes Napoleonic Pig People!

EPISODE TEN: Haven [March 6, 2016]
Deanna Troi's love life is turned upside down by a telepathic space Dowager Countess.

EPISODE ELEVEN: The Big Goodbye [March 13, 2016]
The first holodeck episode finds the Enterprise crew trapped in the most boring noir novel ever written. At least until The Royale.

EPISODE TWELVE: Datalore [March 20, 2016]
Data's encounter with his evil twin leaves everyone in a plot worthy of General Hospital without the genre savvy to deal with it.

EPISODE THIRTEEN: Angel One [March 27, 2016]
The crew of the Enterprise interferes with a matriarchy enough to tick them off but not enough to do any good. And Riker gets sexy. For some value of sexy.

EPISODE FOURTEEN: 11001001 [April 3, 2016]
While Riker is on the most pathetic cyber-date in history, the Enterprise is hijacked. Again.

EPISODE FIFTEEN: Too Short a Season [April 10, 2016]
The long tradition of Starfleet admirals up to no good begins with a gun-running renegade hopped up on the Fountain of Youth.

EPISODE SIXTEEN: When the Bough Breaks [April 17, 2016]
We find the inevitable endpoint of the Federation in the form of an antiseptic, naive, technologically over-reliant Atlantis of the Stars.

EPISODE SEVENTEEN: Home Soil [April 24, 2016]
After sixteen episodes, the writers finally serve up a science fiction story for us ugly bags of mostly water.

EPISODE EIGHTEEN: Coming of Age [May 1, 2016]
We are made to witness the mind-games that are the Starfleet entrance exam while yet another admiral acts shifty.

EPISODE NINETEEN: Heart of Glory [May 8, 2016]
Our first look at real Klingons and our first experience of just how ineffective forcefields in the brig really are.

EPISODE TWENTY: The Arsenal of Freedom [May 15, 2016]
An arms dealer confronts the Enterprise with the ultimate hard sell, giving the crew's people of color a chance to save the day. For once.

EPISODE TWENTY-ONE: Symbiosis [May 22, 2016]
The Enterprise crew films a public service announcement entitled "Just Say No to the Prime Directive."

EPISODE TWENTY-TWO: Skin of Evil [May 29, 2016]
In the best episode of the series thus far, we bid a sad farewell to Tasha Yar.

EPISODE TWENTY-THREE: We'll Always Have Paris [June 5, 2016]
What do you get when you insert an an old flame episode into a time loop? Boredom. (But, Michelle Phillips!)

EPISODE TWENTY-FOUR: Conspiracy [June 12, 2016]
The Enterprise crew is faced with a conspiracy so transparent a first grade classroom could see through it.

EPISODE TWENTY-FIVE: The Neutral Zone [June 19, 2016]
Season One goes out not with a bang, but with a yawn as the Enterprise learns a not-very-important lesson from a bunch of people who have slept through the last three hundred years.

EPISODE TWENTY-SIX: Bonus Season 1 Wrapup [June 19, 2016]
A summary of our feelings as we (finally!) finish off the first season of TNG, along with a look ahead at Season Two.

Season Two

EPISODE TWENTY-SEVEN: The Child [June 26, 2016]
Season Two gets off to an inauspicious and offensive start when Troi suffers a mystic pregnancy. Includes guest commentator Jill Neff.

EPISODE TWENTY-EIGHT: Where Silence Has Lease [July 3, 2016]
The Enterprise crew encounters ANOTHER omnipotent being who makes attempts to make their heads explode, both figuratively and literally.

EPISODE TWENTY-NINE: Elementary, Dear Data [July 10, 2016]
In yet another "Dear god, never go on the holodeck" episode, the Enterprise computer is revealed to be a magical wish engine.

EPISODE THIRTY: The Outrageous Okona [July 17, 2016]
The Enterprise crew encounters the rogue-iest (the most roguey?) rogue to ever rogue his way through a bad Romeo and Juliet ripoff.

EPISODE THIRTY-ONE: Loud as a Whisper [July 24, 2016]
We watch as, when faced with concepts like disability, communication, isolation and the differences between us, the Enterprise crew stand around and fail at doing nothing.

EPISODE THIRTY-TWO: The Schizoid Man [July 31, 2016]
As the Enterprise crew once again fails to recognize someone impersonating Data, we learn that, in the Federation, some animals are more equal than others.

EPISODE THIRTY-THREE: Unnatural Selection [August 7, 2016]
In an episode that initially flirts with actual science fiction, the transporter is revealed to be a magical cure-all device, a fact that will immediately be forgotten.

EPISODE THIRTY-FOUR: A Matter of Honor [August 14, 2016]
We see the Federation at its racist worst when Riker joins, and somehow manages not to offend, a Klingon crew.

EPISODE THIRTY-FIVE: The Measure of a Man [August 21, 2016]
A high point of the season--and the series so far--as Data's personhood is put on trial. Actual science fiction! Who'da thunk it?

EPISODE THIRTY-SIX: The Dauphin [August 28, 2016]
Wesley seeks advice on women from the worst people in the galaxy. Includes guest commentators Jill Neff and Cynthia Taylor.

EPISODE THIRTY-SEVEN: Contagion [September 4, 2016]
The Enterprise crew find themselves trapped in a late 90's CD-ROM adventure game and discover the wonder that is rebooting from disk.

EPISODE THIRTY-EIGHT: The Royale [September 11, 2016]
Data and the away team live through a bad noir novel in the first of several "holodeck without the holodeck" episodes. Less Enterprise, just as much suck.

EPISODE FORTY: The Icarus Factor [September 25, 2016]
In this episode, Worf is put through a ritual of pain and Riker introduces the ultimate evolution in the martial arts. In other words, another ritual of pain. Includes guest commentator Daniel Linehan.

EPISODE FORTY-ONE: Pen Pals [October 2, 2016]
This episode focuses on the Prime Directive and how an emotionless android can nonetheless conduct emotional manipulation. Warning: May contain sophistry or sophistry-like components.

EPISODE FORTY-TWO: Q Who [October 9, 2016]
The single best Q episode ever, notable for both its introduction of the Borg and Q and Guinan's century-spanning relationship as frenemies.

EPISODE FORTY-THREE: Samaritan Snare [October 16, 2016]
Riker is left in charge of the Enterprise and in a mere six hours proves that the Pakleds aren't the only dummies in this episode.

EPISODE FORTY-FOUR: Up the Long Ladder [October 23, 2016]
We confront what happens when you mix "The Beverly Hillbillies" with The Handmaid's Tale. Includes guest commentators Jill Neff and Cynthia Taylor.

EPISODE FORTY-FIVE: Manhunt [October 30, 2016]
Lwaxana Troi is ill-used in an episode that's functionally a one-hour joke -- and not a particuarly funny one. Oh, and Fleetwood Mac.

EPISODE FORTY-SIX: The Emissary [November 6, 2016]
In her role as the inimitable K'Ehleyr, Suzie Plakson manages to steal the spotlight, our hearts, and Worf's virginity. Includes guest commentator Jill Neff.

EPISODE FORTY-SEVEN: Peak Performance [November 13, 2016]
In a stunning departure from the norm, a 24th-century Quentin Crisp judges the hell out of the Enterprise crew.

EPISODE FORTY-EIGHT: Shades of Gray and Season 2 Wrap-up [November 20, 2016]
Pulaski and Troi, along with the rest of us, are forced to look back over the last season, as a virus almost kills Riker with his own blandness.

Season Three

EPISODE FORTY-NINE: Evolution [November 27, 2016]
Doctor Crusher returns to the Enterprise just in time to help us through a brain-dead version of "Home Soil". Now with 50% less actual science!

EPISODE FIFTY: The Ensigns of Command [December 4, 2016]
Because of plot-related radiation, Data and Picard pull a Freaky Friday and end up doing each other's jobs. Poorly. Includes guest commentator Ryan Veeder.

EPISODE FIFTY-ONE: The Survivors [December 11, 2016]
Despite the appearance of *another* omnipotent creature, the Enterprise crew manages to react competently to the mystery of the only two survivors of an alien attack.

EPISODE FIFTY-TWO: Who Watches the Watchers [December 18, 2016]
One of Neil's favorite episodes proves it stands the test of time: a Prime Directive episode where the Enterprise crew actually follows the Prime Directive!

EPISODE FIFTY-THREE: The Bonding [December 25, 2016]
We finish off our first year of Nitpicking: The Next Generation with a surprisingly touching examination of what happens when the Enterprise crew ends up on the other side of the Prime Directive.

EPISODE FIFTY-FOUR: Booby Trap [January 1, 2017]
The first of a pair of episodes that establish that Geordi LaForge truly is a creeper. Includes guest commentator Cynthia Taylor.

EPISODE FIFTY-FIVE: The Enemy [January 8, 2017]
Geordi, Picard and Worf's relative dealings with the Romulans ends up producing a plot somewhere between "Enemy Mine" and "General Hospital".

EPISODE FIFTY-SIX: The Price [January 15, 2017]
In an episode centering around a stable wormhole, we witness two empaths on opposites sides of a negotiation fail to have insight on anything. Includes guest commentator Jill Neff.

EPISODE FIFTY-SEVEN: The Vengeance Factor [January 22, 2017]
In yet another 'Factor' episode involving Riker and one of his boners, the Federation dabbles in nation-building to rid itself of a slight annoyance.

EPISODE FIFTY-EIGHT: The Defector [January 29, 2017]
In a suprisingly serious, cynical, and reasonable episode, Picard must deal with a seeming Romulan defector. And another appearance by Andreas Katsulas!

EPISODE FIFTY-NINE: The Hunted [February 5, 2017]
A terrible combination of prime directive violations and a distilled display of incompetence when a super-soldier is let loose on the Enterprise.

EPISODE SIXTY: The High Ground [February 12, 2017]
TNG gets as political as it ever does when Dr. Crusher and Picard learn the important lesson that terrorism is bad.

EPISODE SIXTY-ONE: Deja Q [February 19, 2017]
Q's powers (or lack thereof) produce the ultimate impossibility: a fun and well-written Q episode.

EPISODE SIXTY-TWO: A Matter of Perspective [February 26, 2017]
Not for the first time nor the last, Riker gets the Enterprise into trouble because of his boner.

EPISODE SIXTY-THREE: Yesterday's Enterprise [March 5, 2017]
When the Enterprise-C arrives through a temporal rift, it transports us to a universe we'd much rather watch with characters we'd much rather follow. Includes guest commentator Ryan Veeder.

EPISODE SIXTY-FOUR: The Offspring [March 12, 2017]
Star Trek pulls off a real science fiction story suffused with a sense of charming poignancy when Data decides to create a child. So good!

EPISODE SIXTY-FIVE: Sins of the Father [March 19, 2017]
We continue our run of good episodes with a lively romp through Klingon politics, proving that Qo'noS *isn't* a Planet of Hats.

EPISODE SIXTY-SIX: Allegiance [March 26, 2017]
An unexpected "worst of" TNG when the awful peanut-butter of The Lonely Among Us meets the horrible chocolate of Where Silence Has Lease.

EPISODE SIXTY-SEVEN: Captain's Holiday [April 2, 2017]
A cranky Picard is forced to reenact "Romancing the Stone" with Ferengii, time travellers, and Vash. Includes guest commentator Cynthia Taylor.

EXTRASODE 1: In the Pale Moonlight (PREVIEW) [April 9, 2017]
In our inaugural extrasode, we cover Neil's favorite episode in the entire franchise, and have an appearance by our favorite queer Cardassian, Garak.

EPISODE SIXTY-EIGHT: Tin Man [April 9, 2017]
With the help of her gay BFF from college, Troi faces a first contact situation with a ship from Babylon 5.

EPISODE SIXTY-NINE: Hollow Pursuits [April 16, 2017]
The holographic misadventures of a new crew member tell us more about the prejudices of the regular cast than they do about Lieutenant Barclay.

EPISODE SEVENTY: The Most Toys [April 23, 2017]
Season Three's theme of kidnapping continues when Data is taken hostage by a show-offy art-collecting queen.

EPISODE SEVENTY-ONE: Sarek [April 30, 2017]
The Enterprise crew prove themselves so bland that the only way they can become interesting is feeling other people's emotions.

EXTRASODE 2: Parallax (PREVIEW) [May 1, 2017]
In our second extrasode, the women of Voyager aren't taking care of people's feelings; they're taking care of business. GEEKY business.

EPISODE SEVENTY-TWO: Menage a Troi [May 7, 2017]
A tedious and offensive episode that's even less clever than its (not-very-clever) name. Includes guest commentator Jill Neff.

EPISODE SEVENTY-THREE: Transfigurations [May 14, 2017]
Even the series' FIFTH omnipotent being can't save this dumb-all-the-way-down episode.

EPISODE SEVENTY-FOUR: The Best of Both Worlds, Part I [May 21, 2017]
The first-ever end-of-season cliffhanger is also the episode that pulled Neil back into the TNG fold.

EPISODE SEVENTY-FIVE: Bonus Season 3 Wrapup [May 21, 2017]
A summary of our feelings on characters new and old as we finish off the third season of TNG and take a look ahead at Season Four.

Season Four

EPISODE SEVENTY-SIX: The Best of Both Worlds, Part II [May 28, 2017]
The fourth season kicks off with the thrilling conclusion of the Borg storyline, plus--gasp!--a strong Riker episode!

EPISODE SEVENTY-SEVEN: Family [June 4, 2017]
After the roller-coaster ride of the Borg incursion, we're treated a low-key, introspective episode about--surprise, surprise!--family. The documentary we mentioned, "Live Long and Podcast" can be found here!

EPISODE SEVENTY-EIGHT: Brothers [June 11, 2017]
A deeply stupid plot involving Data taking over the Enterprise due to a magical black-box in his positronic brain forces us to ask the question: "Do you even Star Trek?"

EPISODE SEVENTY-NINE: Suddenly Human [June 18, 2017]
Picard makes a decision that, in the Baltimore of "The Wire", would condemn him to riding the boat.

EPISODE EIGHTY: Remember Me [June 25, 2017]
The return of "The Traveler" and his conflation of physics with metaphysics mars what could have been a decent Crusher episode.

EPISODE EIGHTY-ONE: Legacy [July 2, 2017]
The appearance of Tasha Yar's long-lost sister makes for an episode that falls right into the Goldilocks zone.

EPISODE EIGHTY-TWO: Reunion [July 9, 2017]
In this episode, we bid hail and farewell to two beloved recurring characters, and say hello to another. Includes guest commentator, Jill Neff.

EXTRASODE 3: The Andorian Incident (PREVIEW) [July 16, 2017]
In our third extrasode, Captain Archer's racism and inability to listen to anyone unsurprisingly causes trouble for the Enterprise crew.

EPISODE EIGHTY-THREE: Future Imperfect [July 16, 2017]
In an episode where Riker is once again saved by his own ineptness, we can't even nitpick without losing it.

EPISODE EIGHTY-FOUR: Final Mission [July 23, 2017]
In which we we bid a fond farewell to Wesley Crusher by reenacting the Water Weird scene from The Dungeon of Dread.

EPISODE EIGHTY-FIVE: The Loss [July 30, 2017]
In this episode we get to see what happens when Troi stops being polite and starts being real. Oh, and Riker is THE WORST. Includes guest commentator Cynthia Taylor.

EPISODE EIGHTY-SIX: Data's Day [August 6, 2017]
Data watches everyone (including the newly introduced Keiko O'Brien) be stupid in this slice-of-life episode. Oh, and there's something about a Romulan spy. Includes guest commentator Ryan Veeder.

EPISODE EIGHTY-SEVEN: The Wounded [August 13, 2017]
In a nice change of pace, a captain (not an admiral) goes rogue against the Cardassians, who suddenly appear to have been at war with the Federation for years.

EPISODE EIGHTY-EIGHT: Devil's Due [August 20, 2017]
Picard takes on the godmother of all drag queens, as she tries to take over a planet of FABULOUSLY fashionable people.

EPISODE EIGHTY-NINE: Clues [August 27, 2017]
Thirty seconds of lost time leaves the Enterprise crew with an awful execution of a stupid mystery that has something for everyone to hate.

EPISODE NINETY: First Contact [September 3, 2017]
The story of Riker royally bollixing up a first contact situation is made bearable by the fact that he spends most of the episode unconscious.

EPISODE NINETY-ONE: Galaxy's Child [September 10, 2017]
The long-anticipated end to the Leah Brahms duology tells you all you need to know about Geordi La Forge.

EPISODE NINETY-TWO: Night Terrors [September 17, 2017]
In an episode that Dan somehow managed to miss first-run, the Enterprise crew combat a deadly attack of sleep apnea.

EPISODE NINETY-THREE: Identity Crisis [September 24, 2017]
Geordi manages to science his way out of a shaky-cam horror movie--without burying us in tech talk.

EPISODE NINETY-FOUR: The Nth Degree [October 1, 2017]
Lt. Barclay returns to help the Enterprise crew yawn its way to the center of the galaxy. Includes "hierarchical collective command structures." Interrogative!

EPISODE NINETY-FIVE: Qpid [October 8, 2017]
This horrible (and derivative!) Q episode gives you a not-completely-awful opening section, only to really get you in the second half. Includes guest commentator Jill Neff.

EPISODE NINETY-SIX: The Drumhead [October 15, 2017]
Another installment in the 'Admiral Goes Rogue' category, except this time Picard gets called on the carpet as well.

EPISODE NINETY-SEVEN: Half a Life [October 22, 2017]
One of the best episodes of TNG, full stop, and one of the best examples of what Star Trek is all about.

EPISODE NINETY-EIGHT: The Host [October 29, 2017]
In an suprisingly progressive (but not progressive enough) episode, we have another Crusher who just can't deal with change.

EXTRASODE 4: Balance of Terror (PREVIEW) [November 1, 2017]
Our fourth extrasode plays out as a cat-and-mouse game between James T. Kirk and a Romulan who looks very Vulcan.

EPISODE NINETY-NINE: The Mind's Eye [November 5, 2017]
A small bit of continuity does little to save an episode in which the Romulans try to stupidly reimplement The Manchurian Candiate.

EPISODE ONE HUNDRED: In Theory [November 11, 2017]
In our ONE HUNDREDTH EPISODE (how did THAT happen so fast?) we find an "exciting science!" B-plot that's almost as artificial as Data's relationship with his new girlfriend. Includes guest commentator Ryan Veeder.

EPISODE ONE HUNDRED ONE: Redemption, Part I [November 19, 2017]
We finish up a season rife with continuity with the beginning of the end of the House of Mogh saga.

EPISODE ONE HUNDRED TWO: Bonus Season 4 Wrapup [November 19, 2017]
We examine continuity in plotlines and characters as we end the fourth season and take a look ahead at Season Five.

Season Five

EPISODE ONE HUNDRED THREE: Redemption, Part II [November 26, 2017]
Season Five opens with a disappointingly compressed conclusion to the Klingon civil war.

EPISODE ONE HUNDRED FOUR: Darmok [December 3, 2017]
A fun and entertainingly executed episode about language, metaphor, and communication that ultimately makes no fucking sense.

EPISODE ONE HUNDRED FIVE: Ensign Ro [December 10, 2017]
The arrival of a new member of the crew coincides with the introduction of the Cardassian-Bajoran conflict. Includes guest commentator Jill Neff.

EPISODE ONE HUNDRED SIX: Silicon Avatar [December 17, 2017]
In a wonderfully written and performed episode with a sympathetic antagonist, the Enterprise crew comes to the wrong decision regarding the Crystaline Entity.

EPISODE ONE HUNDRED SEVEN: Disaster [December 24, 2017]
When a catastrophic event forces Troi to take command of the Enterprise, we learn that Ensign Ro is wrong even when she's right. Includes guest commentator Ryan Veeder.

EPISODE ONE HUNDRED EIGHT: The Game [December 31, 2017]
Riker's dick gets the Enterprise in trouble once again when he comes back from Risa with something worse than herpes. Includes guest commentator Victor Rubio.

EPISODE ONE HUNDRED NINE: Unification, Part I [January 7, 2018]
A mostly-setup episode about a very silly Romulan plan which manages to be entertaining by introducing some fun side characters. Also Spock!

EPISODE ONE HUNDRED TEN: Unification, Part II [January 14, 2018]
Another two-parter ends disappointingly when it's revealed that the Romulans have no idea how many actual soldiers it would take to invade Vulcan.

EPISODE ONE HUNDRED ELEVEN: A Matter of Time [January 21, 2018]
A forgettable episode ensues when a supposed "historian" from the future travels through time to see the Enterprise crew put through their usual paces.

EPISODE ONE HUNDRED TWELVE: New Ground [January 28, 2018]
Once again, an interpersonal problem is solved by putting everyone in danger, this time by Worf's son, Alexander.

EPISODE ONE HUNDRED THIRTEEN: Hero Worship [February 4, 2018]
A fifth-season version of 'The Bonding' with twice the danger and half the personal resonance.

EPISODE ONE HUNDRED FOURTEEN: Violations [February 11, 2018]
The ladies run wild this week as Dan and Neil hide in a Jefferies tube rather than face this painful slog of an episode. Includes guest hosts Jill Neff and Cynthia Taylor.

EPISODE ONE HUNDRED FIFTEEN: The Masterpiece Society [February 18, 2018]
We reach peak TNG medocrity when the Enterprise encounters yet another Utopia, this time one that can't dress itself or adapt to anything.

EPISODE ONE HUNDRED SIXTEEN: Conundrum [February 25, 2018]
Another tedious entry in the "Ship Gets Taken Over" genre, but with a Gilligan's Island twist!

This episode has everything: hostage-taking, exciting hallway-walking action and two (count them TWO) kickings of Worf's ass.

Despite the near-kicking of Worf's ass (which would have been a three-episode hat trick), a suprisingly good episode in which Riker is, still, the worst.

EPISODE ONE HUNDRED NINETEEN: The Outcast [March 18, 2018]
Both Star Trek and Riker take a big step forward as the Enterprise deals a love affair between an officer and a member of a seemingly genderless society.

EPISODE ONE HUNDRED TWENTY: Cause and Effect [March 25, 2018]
Yet another timeloop that initially begins as a Beverly episode, but Data manages to both steal the spotlight and cause the science danger. Includes guest commentator Ryan Veeder.

EPISODE ONE HUNDRED TWENTY-ONE: The First Duty [April 1, 2018]
Picard interferes in a Starfleet Academy investigation that is none of his affair. So, business as usual. Includes guest commentator Victor Rubio.

EPISODE ONE HUNDRED TWENTY-TWO: Cost of Living [April 8, 2018]
This slice-of-life story, in which Lwaxana Troi and Alexander Rozhenko face situations they'd rather not think about, has a dusting of science danger.

EPISODE ONE HUNDRED TWENTY-THREE: The Perfect Mate [April 15, 2018]
In a sexist plot straight out of the original series, Picard's interactions with a man-merging metamorph almost raise some interesting questions. Includes guest commentator Cynthia Taylor.

EPISODE ONE HUNDRED TWENTY-FOUR: Imaginary Friend [April 22, 2018]
A forgettable episode in which family drama intersects science danger via the creepy little girl trope..

A standard Star Trek episode in which, while dealing with an ethical dilemma involving an abandonded Borg, the Enterprise crew entirely fails to come to any real answer.

EPISODE ONE HUNDRED TWENTY-SIX: The Next Phase [May 6, 2018]
In another entry in the 'Ro is Right' category (which Dan somehow missed first-run), Ro and Geordi get to attend their own funeral, and in normal Federation style, it's boring.

EPISODE ONE HUNDRED TWENTY-SEVEN: The Inner Light [May 13, 2018]
What starts as a lovely piece of unlikely theater becomes a horrific exercise in enforced empathy.

EPISODE ONE HUNDRED TWENTY-EIGHT: Time's Arrow, Part I [May 20, 2018]
The Enterprise crew makes their first jaunt through time to find yet another copy of their unique android, Data.

EPISODE ONE HUNDRED TWO: Bonus Season 5 Wrapup [November 19, 2017]
We talk about some of TNG's new secondary characters -- particularly Ensign Ro and Alexander Rozhenko -- and take a look ahead at Season Six.

Season Six

EPISODE ONE HUNDRED THIRTY: Time's Arrow, Part II [May 27, 2018]
We begin Season Six in 1800s San Francisco and wrap up things pretty much how you'd figure. Complete with aliens which, like a lot of things on Star Trek, make no sense.

EPISODE ONE HUNDRED THIRTY-ONE: Realm of Fear [June 3, 2018]
Barclay truly takes on his mantle of the everyman by assertively declaring what we all already knew: the transporter is a clever death machine.

EPISODE ONE HUNDRED THIRTY-TWO: Man of the People [June 10, 2018]
A collection of some of the worst Star Trek tropes, including People Who Can't Give Consent, The Wanton Woman, and The Indispensible Man, thrown into a blender along with a cursed item straight out of "Friday the 13th: The Series".

EXTRASODE 5: Discovery, Season 1 (PREVIEW) [June 17, 2018]
In our fifth extrasode we examine the many ways that Star Trek: Discovery manages to squander the promise of its amazing pilot.

This charming bit of fan service has everything: technobabble, future shock, a Dyson sphere and a personal issue resolved by danger. Includes guest commentator Victor Rubio.

A mix of pretty good previous episodes produces a nightmare-based terror that leads to an interesting bit of detective work on the part of the crew, resulting in a real implementation of Algorithm Two!

This middle-of-the-road Q episode is the answer to a question no one has asked.

Two goofy events that would be unlikely anywhere other than on Star Trek lead us to the return of Cranky Picard and guest commentator Cynthia Taylor's favorite line from TNG.

EPISODE ONE HUNDRED THIRTY-SEVEN: A Fistful of Datas [July 15, 2018]
This 24th-century visit to Deadwood is one of the 20% of times that the holodeck tries to murder the crew. Includes guest commentator Victor Rubio.

EPISODE ONE HUNDRED THIRTY-EIGHT: The Quality of Life [July 22, 2018]
A mash-up of two previous (and pretty good) episodes, minus anything resembling science.

EPISODE ONE HUNDRED THIRTY-NINE: Chain of Command, Part I [July 29, 2018]
We finally reach the moment that Neil's waited for the entire series: the appearance of Captain Jellico! Oh, and Picard is sent on a secret mission and falls into the hands of the Cardassians or something.

EXTRASODE 6: Yesteryear (PREVIEW) [August 5, 2018]
In our sixth extrasode we take on the last remaining entry in the Star Trek franchise, the Animated Series, with a time-travelling flashback to Spock's childhood.

EPISODE ONE HUNDRED FORTY: Chain of Command, Part II [August 5, 2018]
Picard decides that there are four lights, but we're far more interested in following the trials and tribulations Captain Jellico's thankless work in the ending to this two-parter.

EPISODE ONE HUNDRED FORTY-ONE: Ship in a Bottle [August 12, 2018]
Yet another retread when La Forge's inability to lock down his personal files leads to the reappearance of Professor Moriarty. This time with extra recursion!

EPISODE ONE HUNDRED FORTY-TWO: Aquiel [August 19, 2018]
Once again, it's an episode so bad Neil and Dan won't touch it, so it's up to guest commentators Jill Neff and Cynthia Taylor to discuss a murder mystery involving a creepy Geordi LaForge and a Dogus Ex Machina.

EPISODE ONE HUNDRED FORTY-THREE: Face of the Enemy [August 26, 2018]
What do you get when you combine Competent Troi, good writing and the ability to pass the Bechdel Test? One of the best TNG episode EVER! Includes guest commentator Jill Neff. Be sure to stick around at the end for a special musical surprise! (Apologies to "The Patty Duke Show.")

EPISODE ONE HUNDRED FORTY-FOUR: Tapestry [September 2, 2018]
Q returns to break Picard (and the Nitpicking crew) by crushing us all between a plodding sequence from Picard's past and a horrific, classist take on everyday life in Starfleet. Includes guest commentator Jill Neff.

EPISODE ONE HUNDRED FORTY-FIVE: Birthright, Part I [September 9, 2018]
The search for Data and Worf's respective fathers, against the backdrop of DS9, becomes two B-plots racing for the bottom.

EPISODE ONE HUNDRED FORTY-SIX: Birthright, Part II [September 16, 2018]
Worf's search for his father ends with speechifying, a not-very-well-kept secret and yet another woman who doesn't get to finish her own story.

EPISODE ONE HUNDRED FORTY-SEVEN: Starship Mine [September 23, 2018]
A 24th-century trip through "Die Hard" as Picard must race against the clock to stop a group of interstellar terrorists, several of whom will die horribly and none of which we will care about. Includes guest commentator Ryan Veeder.

EPISODE ONE HUNDRED FORTY-EIGHT: Lessons [September 30, 2018]
Picard gets involved romantically with a fellow crewmember, an episode that promises, but fails to be, to be an interesting coda to 'The Inner Light.'

EPISODE ONE HUNDRED FORTY-NINE: The Chase [October 7, 2018]
In this D&D module of an episode, the Enterprise crew searches the galaxy for the answer to a question that doesn't really matter.

EPISODE ONE HUNDRED FIFTY: Frame of Mind [October 14, 2018]
A greatest hits of Riker's mediocrity ensues as the unreality of "Future Imperfect" meets the FUBAR of "First Contact" with a light sprinkling of stage insanity.

EPISODE ONE HUNDRED FIFTY-ONE: Suspicions [October 21, 2018]
In one of the best Crusher episodes ever, the doctor finds herself in a gender-swapped noir mystery with a group of alien scientists, none of whom is from a Planet of Hats. Includes guest commentator Ryan Veeder.

EPISODE ONE HUNDRED FIFTY-TWO: Rightful Heir [October 28, 2018]
A nice bit of continuity from "Birthright" when Worf's encounter with the second coming of Klingon Jesus threatens to destabilize the political situation on Q'onos.

EPISODE ONE HUNDRED FIFTY-THREE: Second Chances [November 4, 2018]
When a transport accident (UGH) produces a second Riker, the result is a somehow not-twice-as-bad soap opera plot. Includes guest commentator Cynthia Taylor.

EPISODE ONE HUNDRED FIFTY-FOUR: Timescape [November 11, 2018]
A surprisingly good science-danger puzzlebox with wonderful character moments and a dash of continuity.

EPISODE ONE HUNDRED FIFTY-FIVE: Descent, Part I [November 18, 2018]
In yet another Part One that's mostly setup, Data goes evil again, proving once more that he belongs not in a Starfleet uniform, but in a junkyard.

EPISODE ONE HUNDRED FIFTY-SIX: Bonus Season 6 Wrapup [November 18, 2018]
We say goodbye to one of our favorite characters (Guinan), update our lists, and then take a look ahead at the FINAL season of TNG!

Season Seven

EPISODE ONE HUNDRED FIFTY-SEVEN: Descent, Part II [November 25, 2018]
We open the final season of TNG inauspiciously, with the crew dealing with the stupidity they displayed in Part One, all leading to one of the worst examples of the series playing at drama.

EPISODE ONE HUNDRED FIFTY-EIGHT: Liaisons [December 2, 2018]
Once again, shitty aliens fuck with humanity in an attempt to understand them. But at least their intentions were good!

EPISODE ONE HUNDRED FIFTY-NINE: Interface [December 9, 2018]
This sad retread of 'Power Play' is a series of opportunities, each one missed.

EPISODE ONE HUNDRED SIXTY: Gambit, Part I [December 16, 2018]
In this episode of mostly setup, it's another trip to Mos Eisley, except this time the Enterprise crew are the bad guys.

EPISODE ONE HUNDRED SIXTY-ONE: Gambit, Part II [December 23, 2018]
An episode that almost breaks the two-parter curse with a strong second half, but where we still end up clapping for Tinkerbell.

EPISODE ONE HUNDRED SIXTY-TWO: Phantasms [December 30, 2018]
Data started this season by torturing one shipmate and in this science-danger episode, he stabs another.

EPISODE ONE HUNDRED SIXTY-THREE: Dark Page [January 6, 2019]
The last Lwaxana Troi episode features standout performances by Marina Sirtis and Majel Barrett. Includes guest commentator Jill Neff.

EPISODE ONE HUNDRED SIXTY-FOUR: Attached [January 13, 2019]
This episode wraps one of the single best character moments in the whole of TNG in a tortilla of stupid.

EPISODE ONE HUNDRED SIXTY-FIVE: Force of Nature [January 20, 2019]
This depressing early attempt to grapple with climate change is ultimately a good idea desperately seeking a B-plot.

EPISODE ONE HUNDRED SIXTY-SIX: Inheritance [January 27, 2019]
An episode in which we meet Data's mom and find out more about his dad than we ever wanted to know.

EPISODE ONE HUNDRED SIXTY-SEVEN: Parallels [February 3, 2019]
In an episode of much detail but little plot, we learn that while things generally work out on the Enterprise, events don't conspire quite as well in other universes...

EPISODE ONE HUNDRED SIXTY-EIGHT: The Pegasus [February 10, 2019]
In this long-awaited bookend to 'The Icarus Factor,' we finally learn everything we need to know about William Riker.

EPISODE ONE HUNDRED SIXTY-NINE: Homeward [February 17, 2019]
This mockery of 'Who Watches the Watchers' contains what may be our most hated TNG side-character.

EPISODE ONE HUNDRED SEVENTY: Sub Rosa [February 24, 2019]
Join us on Beverly Crusher's -306th birthday as we explore possibly THE weirdest relationship in Star Trek history. Recorded before a live studio audience at Giovanni's Room in Philadelphia, courtesy of Philly AIDs Thrift.

EPISODE ONE HUNDRED SEVENTY-ONE: Lower Decks [March 3, 2019]
This follow-up to 'The First Duty' gives us a look at how the other half lives.

EPISODE ONE HUNDRED SEVENTY-TWO: Thine Own Self [March 10, 2019]
Data practices selective science and Troi finally gets her mind-fuck.

The Enterprise is taken over by yet ANOTHER probe, this time turning the ship into the City of the Space Aztecs.

EPISODE ONE HUNDRED SEVENTY-FOUR: Eye of the Beholder [March 24, 2019]
This Troi episode is a murder mystery involving a gothic romance on a haunted ship that ends in Worf being turned on by murder. Includes guest commentator Ryan Veeder.

Guest commentator Cynthia Taylor joins us for the first episode of TNG she ever saw, in which Crusher resorts to using CRISPR instead of chicken soup.

EPISODE ONE HUNDRED SEVENTY-SIX: Journey's End [April 7, 2019]
In Wesley's final episode, we take an uncomfortable tour through cultural exoticism leading to more trouble with the Cardassians.

Alexander's final episode is seventy percent of a good story, ruined by time travel.

EPISODE ONE HUNDRED SEVENTY-EIGHT: Bloodlines [April 21, 2019]
This platonic ideal of a phoned-in episode has a ton of continuity to things you just don't care about.

EPISODE ONE HUNDRED SEVENTY-NINE: Emergence [April 28, 2019]
This bog-standard, tropey episode is like the greatest hits album from the band's back catalogue.

EPISODE ONE HUNDRED EIGHTY: Preemptive Strike [May 5, 2019]
In this tale of betrayal, we bid farewell to the redoubtable Ro Larren as she finds her loyalties torn between Starfleet and the Maquis.

EPISODE ONE HUNDRED EIGHTY-ONE: All Good Things, Parts I & II [May 12, 2019]
The story that began with Encounter at Farpoint comes to its inevitable end as we say goodbye to "Star Trek: The Next Generation".

EPISODE ONE HUNDRED EIGHTY-TWO: Bonus Season 7 Wrapup [May 12, 2019]
We review the final season, pick our top and bottom episodes, and prepare ourselves for the grand finale.

EPISODE ONE HUNDRED EIGHTY-THREE: Series Finale [May 19, 2019]
We celebrate the end of one journey and invite you to join us on another. Includes our all-time best and worst 10 episodes, the final version of the lists, and a few words from some of our guests. And please be sure to join us June 2nd for the start of our next adventure!

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