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EPISODE ONE: Enterprise, Season 3, Episode 1: The Xindi
[September 26, 2021]
The inaugural episode of Star Trek: Enterprise, the Good Bits. We hope.

EPISODE TWO: Enterprise, Season 3, Episode 2: Anomaly
[October 3, 2021]
Pirates and moral conundrums, oh my!

EPISODE THREE: Enterprise, Season 3, Episode 3: Extinction
[October 10, 2021]
A highlight worst-of reel of Star Trek: Genesis by way of Identity Crisis sprinkled with the awful ending of the Inner Light and the bad acting of Masks. Though, good news: no salamander babies!

EPISODE FOUR: Enterprise, Season 3, Episode 4: Rajiin
[October 17, 2021]
We continue with the worst of Star Trek, this time exploring the Evil Seductress Trope: The Perfect Mate by way of the original series' salt vampire.

EPISODE FIVE: Enterprise, Season 3, Episode 5: Impulse
[October 24, 2021]
In which Enterprise attempts to do a zombie movie while completely missing the point of zombie movies.

EPISODE SIX: Enterprise, Season 3, Episode 6: Exile
[October 31, 2021]
Sato finds herself in a boring, bog-standard retelling of Beauty and Beast meets Bluebeard by way of Ravenloft.

EPISODE SEVEN: Enterprise, Season 3, Episode 7: The Shipment
[November 7, 2021]
In which the story finally moves forward. In the most annoying way possible.

EPISODE EIGHT: Enterprise, Season 3, Episode 8: Twilight
[November 14, 2021]
A weak idea done in a half-hearted way, in which nothing actually happens.

EPISODE NINE: Enterprise, Season 3, Episode 9: North Star
[November 21, 2021]
The Enterprise writers say 'Fuck it, we're in the Old West.'

EPISODE TEN: Enterprise, Season 3, Episode 10: Similitude
[November 28, 2021]
For once, the opening theme song is perfectly appropriate for this creatively vacant episode that's somehow WORSE than Tuvix.

EPISODE ELEVEN: Enterprise, Season 3, Episode 11: Carpenter Street
[December 5, 2021]
To fight the Xindi, the crew goes from the 2150s to the 2000s but it feels like the 1970s.

EPISODE TWELVE: Enterprise, Season 3, Episode 12: Chosen Realm
[December 12, 2021]
Baby's First Theology leads to Who Watches the Watchers after you take out all the good parts and all that's left is punching.

EPISODE THIRTEEN: Enterprise, Season 3, Episode 13: Proving Ground
[December 19, 2021]
This surprisingly enjoyable episode sees the story finally lurch forward in the return of Star Trek treasure Jeffrey Combs as Andorian Commander Shran.

EPISODE FOURTEEN: Enterprise, Season 3, Episode 14: Stratagem
[December 26, 2021]
This holodeck-without-the-holodeck episode reveals the limits of both 22nd-century technology and Johnathan Archer's ability to lie.

EPISODE FIFTEEN: Enterprise, Season 3, Episode 15: Harbinger
[January 3, 2022]
An episode so badly written, it makes us re-evaluate Voyager as the worst of the franchise. Oh, and Reed and Hayes STILL don't make out.

EPISODE SIXTEEN: Enterprise, Season 3, Episode 16: Doctor's Orders
[January 9, 2022]
The endless slog towards Ezati Prime continues as Doctor Phlox is left all alone in a poor retelling of Voyager's episode One.

EPISODE SEVENTEEN: Enterprise, Season 3, Episode 17: Hatchery
[January 16, 2022]
A potentially interesting situation is completely undercut -- surprise surprise -- by removing the characters' autonomy. Includes guest commentator Jill Neff.

EPISODE EIGHTEEN: Enterprise, Season 3, Episode 18: Azati Prime
[January 23, 2022]
The Enterprise FINALLY reaches Azati Prime only to find out the journey wasn't worth it.

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