The Isle

Yours is a long lived people, set upon a small piece of land in a seemingly endless ocean. Your lot has always been hard, but with the help of the gods, you have survived. They take with one hand as easily as they give with the other; many are called to their side each turn of the moon.

Now they ask for even more. The Elders have summoned you and two others: Edmund and Anna, to be sent to the Isle, a trial undertaken by each generation.

"Three go forth, two return." And none can say what becomes of those who do not come back.

The Isle
A Neverwinter Nights Module, an entry in the 2006 NWN Writing Competition

Written by myself and Star C. Foster, The Isle is an attempt to tell a mature, compelling and involving story using only three characters, a single location, and less than 2,500 words. The player finds themselves on a tiny rock with two others: Edmund and Anna. Tradition tells them that when the sun sets, one of them will be dead. What will you do? Will you follow tradition and do your duty? Will you stand against the gods? Or will you try to find your own path: somewhere between the two?

The Isle ended up voted as one of the top 20 entries, out of more than 300, with a final score of 8.52/10.

The module requires the Neverwinter Nights base game to play, but does not require the use of any further files or any of the expansions.

The module is hosted by IGN's Neverwinter Nights Vault.